The activity of Flower Flesh band  began in 2005 by a project of bass-guitarist Ivan Giribone and keyboard-player Alberto Sgarlato, soon reached by the drummer Andrea “Bea” Fazio.  After some departures, the definitive line-up saw the arrival of the guitarist Marco Olivieri and the singer Daniel Elvstrom, that replaced the former members Francesco Mercurio (guitars) and Eugenio Mariotti (voice).
Flower Flesh soon decided to write own songs, resulting in a modern, original but also very influenced progressive rock, with some echoes of classic bands such as Genesis, Yes, Marillion, Rush, Premiata Forneria Marconi, some hard rock moments in vein of Uriah Heep, Kansas, Iron Maiden and even new wave sounds between Simple Minds and the last Roxy Music albums.
In 2010 Flower Flesh recorded his first self-produced CD, called “Duck in the box”. With this recordings they began a dialogue with Black Widow Records, one of the most indie-labels worldwide specialized in progressive rock, hard rock, psychedelia. Eugenio wrote the lyrics of some tracks of the album.
In 2012 “Duck in the box” album is printed and distributed everywhere in the World by Black Widow Records, with a lot of positive articles on musical magazines, fanzines, and the web.
From 2009 to 2012 Flower Flesh starts a massive live activity, opening concerts for very importants Italian progressive rock artists, such as Vittorio De Scalzi (New Trolls), The Trip, il Cerchio d’Oro, and the famous guitar-virtuoso Alex Masi.
In february of 2013 Flower Flesh, with Psycho Praxis (another band recording for Black Widow Recs.), in “G. Verdi” Theatre of Genoa are opening act for La Maschera di Cera, famous Italian prog-band presenting his new album “The Gates of Tomorrow”, a very appreciated prog-rock best-seller.
In may of 2013 Flower Flesh plays at FIM- Fiera Internazionale della Musica, in the biggest italian prog-rock festival of the year, with il Cerchio d’Oro, Delirium, Claudio Simonetti (famous author of Profondo Rosso’s horror movie original soundtrack) with Daemonia, the Trip, Biglietto per l’Inferno, Goad, Latte e Miele, La Coscienza di Zeno, Le Porte non Aperte, il Tempio delle Clessidre, Giorgio Cesare Neri Band.
At the end of the same month, Flower Flesh plays at Baretti Theater in Turin at Prog-rock festival called “Seconds out: Seconds to no-one”, from an idea of Maurizio Galia (author of the famous anthological book “Prog 40”, edited in Italian and English versions), with the legendary Italian band of Aquael, and the special guests Silvana Aliotta (former member of Circus 2000) and Marcello Capra (former member of Procession).
In 2014 Flower Flesh are opening band for a concert of La Nuova Idea, legendary italian prog-rock band, here in a reunion with his best line-up ever: beside the drummer Paolo Siani and his son Alessandro Siani, (electronics), are playing on stage two members of New Trolls, Ricky Belloni (vocals, guitar) and Giorgio Usai (keyboards, vocals), with Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth, New Trolls, Vanexa, Mangala Vallis, Wonderwolrd, etc.) lead vocals and bass guitar, Marco “Zok” Zoccheddu (Duello Madre, Osage Tribe, Gleemen, Garybaldi) guitars and backing vocals and special guest Guido Guglielminetti (L. Battisti, I. Fossati, U. Tozzi, F. De Gregori, etc.) at bass guitar.
In 2015, to celebrate the first decade of life, Flower Flesh starts a big summer tour, playing almost everywhere: square of little towns, beaches, and even a chalet in a mountain. Unfortunely, at the end of the summer season, the former-member and drummer Andrea “Bea” Fazio leaves the project, due to personal, work, and family problems, but in friendship with the members of the band.
In 2016, after several auditions, they starts to play again with the new drummer Giorgio Milesi, a well-experieced musician with lots of live concerts with other bands in his past. The first important concert of this years for Flower Flesh is like an opening band for the reunion, 40 years later, of another legendary italian prog-rock band: Errata Corrige, famous for their album “Siegfried, il Drago e altre storie”.